Best wines to come from Scotland?

There is a lot a talk these days about how climate change will effect the wine industry over time. Given the winters that the UK has been having in the last couple years and the predicted heat they’re also going to start getting in summers, could the UK pick up it’s game and become the next Burgundy?

Many French wine experts think that their wines will begin to lose their complexity and structure due to the change in weather currents, air pressure systems, etc. due of course to a changing climate that no corner of the world can escape. But will the best wines come from vineyards outside out boutique hotels in Edinburgh as predicted rather than in France?

As wine being a major element in French culture, it’s no surprise that chefs and sommeliers alike are pushing the French government to take action for climate control, for the wine’s sake. Generations of viticulture are expected to die out as vineyards head north to warmer temperatures.

Is climate change to blame for the ruin of French wines? Summer heat-waves, hail storms and new diseases are just the beginning of the problems…

Imagine doing winery tours in the south of Sweden and even Scotland, now that’s a sight the French do not want to see. Will we see a spike in flights to Edinburgh rather than Bordeaux? As far as long-term predictions go, it’s too hard to tell. Some meteorologists think that even by 2080 it might be too hot even in the south of England to grow grapes.

How do you think climate change will effect the wine industry? Do you think they’re right in saying wine growing regions will move north towards England and Scotland?


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